A Carboy Sleeve clipped into the Spring Clip
A Carboy Sleeve clipped into the Spring Clip BrewSSSiphon in stainless fermenting vessel attached with a Spring Clip and Carboy Sleeve

BrewSSSiphon™ Nickel Coated SSSpring Clip™

$2.75 $14.95

Well, not everything goes perfect the first time.  We've certainly learned a few of those hard lessons over the last two years and were learning one again.

Our dream of making a durable & lasting solution to the frustration of cheap plastic auto-siphons has absolutely come true on all levels, but there is one thing we're taking a second swing at.

While our Nickel Plated SSSpring Clip does look beautiful and hold the BrewSSSiphon™ securely on the edge of your home brew bucket, kettle or wide mouth carboy, it can rust a little due to an imperfect plating issue, not cool. Its ok though, were already working on it. 

In the meantime, until we get a new one made to meet our standards you should have one regardless & that's why we're offering it at a major discount so that you can enjoy the feeling of a #handsfreerack like we have.  

*Heads up. The Carboy Sleeve is not included but is necessary in order for the Spring Clip to work. Please purchase Carboy Sleeve separately. Thanks.

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