Our most thorough and in depth video review yet!  Bringing the gauntlet our man Paul Navarre over at Home Brewing TV puts it through the ropes and comes out smiling! Big ups! Boom!

The maestro of meats & maker of delicious flavors! Larry over at BREW-N-BBQ gettin his 'mind blown' by our #brewsensible ways.  Thats right! No brainer.

brewer using the brewsssiphon with carboy sleeve to transfer beer out of a carboy

Designed by Small Home Brewers, for ALL Home Brewers.

Tempered in the forge of camaraderie, an echo of discontent hardened & out of this vexation with cheap plastic homebrewing tools a new vision was #Brewn! Like as in born. Get it? You do? Ok! Great! Anyway, here's the point! We believe choosing to invest in high quality stainless steel & silicone homebrewing equipment which is designed to last a lifetime is clearly the most #brewsensible choice and a great way to make a small but meaningful step in the right direction. We're confident that you do too.

Centered on Sustainability

the entire brewsssiphon and carboy sleeve and spring clip in a sanitizing bath with a disassembled check valve

Breaks Down for Sanitizing!

Our flagship tool the BrewSSSiphon™ is the worlds' first fully de-constructable, manually cleanable, and totally sanitizable silicone & stainless steel auto siphon. This beast will gnaw its way through your messiest transfer to then be scrubbed clean as a whistle with not a microbe of contamination left after you are done. Add one to your Home Brewing Kit today!


Brian Huntley from SHORT CIRCUITED BREWER swooshes in to record this LIVE, on the trade show floor interview in Portland @ HOME BREW CON 2018.  Is the afro real?

" Focused on that which is BrewSSSential™ for Life "

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